The Courage to Change

2015-10-26 18.57.12On Monday 26th October 2015 I spoke at ‘Alternatives’, St James’s Church Piccadilly, on ‘The Courage to Change’ to an audience of almost 200. I am now interested in developing this stream with other talks. A lot of new material is now coming through for me. I looked at life from an evolutionary as well as at a personal level.

The talk was live-streamed by Conscious 2 and will also be part of their rich library of talks and events.

Below you will find some photos and feedback.

Love, Malcolm

Some feedback…

Dear Malcolm,

I normally work at my part-time cinema job on Mondays but when I saw your email about talk you were giving at Alternatives last night, i got the night off.
I’m very happy I did as I enjoyed your talk and story of your life’s journey very much, it was outstanding. You were in the zone and i was in the zone with you, you could have gone on and I was ready to continue listening more.

It wasn’t just the colourful journey of your life you told us about, the people you’ve met and been inspired by but the way you did it with humility, strength, honesty and humour. It was very special and I wanted to let you know

Dear Malcolm,

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your talk last night. It was beautifully ‘real’, inspiring, funny and touching all at the same time. You are a gem and I’m honoured to have heard you speak.

Thank you and thank you!

Dear Malcolm,

I was watching you on Conscious2, and wanted to send you a text message via your mobile phone, but it was not sent. Your talk was brilliant, very authentic, honest………..I was very touched when you shared your feelings about Melissa’s passing away. Oh, my God, I did not know……………
It was so good to see Alexandra and Michael, after so many years…………
I really hope we could meet soon…………maybe next spring?
Lots of love, and a big, warm hug from your friend,

Thank you for such an inspirational talk…you’re so right it’s really all about finding your ‘thing’ or niche as my dad always referred to it as…what makes one tick and alive, that’s how I interpret the essence of what you were conveying. First things first for me the connection and now again trusting those little fairy lights that pop into the atmosphere or synergies which come in all shapes and noises. I love that and when I get one its like a present at Christmas wondering what’s beneath the wrapper and excited that I spotted another….oh yes, quite wonderful Mr Stern and my heart goes out to you for your openness and courage and living proof that it’s okay just to be real. Bloody marvellous xxxx
Hi Malcolm. Just watched the live stream on your talk tonight………wow, what a great speaker you are………found it interesting and moving………..well done xxxxx
A very sweet evening at Alternatives and a very touching talk by the lovely Malcolm Stern who inspired presence and feeling in us all: two of the most precious things we have as humans. Thanks Malcolm