Aim: An experiential day which aims to help participants feel comfortable and confident in expressing their feelings authentically and understanding the nature of vulnerability as an essential facet of powerful leadership. We will look at congruence, empathy, self esteem and the psychological defence mechanisms that need to be understood as part of authentic leadership.

Areas the workshop will explore:

  • Examples of effective leadership
  • Opportunities to clarify and transform individual leadership challenges
  • Highlighting the difficulties in undertaking a leadership role
  • Understanding the psychological defence mechanisms that block effectiveness
  • The place of congruence, empathy and self esteem in an authentic leader

Authentic Leadership is a leap away from the old style of the invincible ever-strong, domineering leader. Authentic leaders are primarily congruent with their actions and feelings. They are able to show vulnerability as a quality of their humanity rather than as a weakness. They are empathic and able to relate to those they lead with recognition and guidance around their strengths and weaknesses. They are trusted, because usually they will gather consensus views before making decisions, but they will be decisive once the need for action has been arrived at. Ultimately they will genuinely care about those they lead in the recognition that a strong and valued team is a winning formula for all concerned.

A good leader will be psychologically astute and know when to push and when to encourage their team. They will recognise that we all need support and resist the temptation to isolate themselves from their own peer support system. This workshop will help you recognise and develop your own unique qualities and style of authentic leadership in the company of your peers. You will come away feeling a renewed sense of possibilities and vigour.

Indicative Timetable

  • 9.00         Arrival and Coffee
  • 9.30         Introduction to Authentic Leadership/Qualities of a Leader exercises
  • 11.15         Tea/Coffee and biscuits
  • 11.30        Exploration of successful leadership qualities
  • 13.00       Lunch
  • 13.30       Challenges faced and explorations – invitation to share challenges
  • 14.30       Creation of an action plan to advance personal challenges.
  • 15.00       Close

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