Date(s) - 25/01/2020 - 13/12/2020

Gestalt Studio London



Malcolm has an air of calm and peace which means he can support without rescuing and listen without advising. He works collaboratively and with great sensitivity to create a supportive, unconditional environment. If you’re serious about changing and are prepared to open your soul to challenge deep seated beliefs and instinctive behaviours it’s for you. If you feel half-hearted, probably not for you. – Jane

2020 Dates

Month Weekend Location
January 25 & 26 Gestalt Studio London
February 22 & 23 Gestalt Studio London
March 21 & 22 Gestalt Studio London
April 25 & 26 Gestalt Studio London
May 30 & 31 Gestalt Studio London
July 4 & 5 Gestalt Studio London
September 5 & 6 Gestalt Studio London
October 3 & 4 Gestalt Studio London
November 7 & 8 Gestalt Studio London
December 9-13 (Wednesday to Sunday) Earth Spirit Centre Glastonbury (residential)


We are at a crossroads as human beings on planet earth and life is now demanding that we transform ourselves in order that we may be able to transform our society and ultimately our human existence.

This group is an opportunity to dive deep into the heart of yourself over an extended period in order to make evolutionary rather than revolutionary changes. The process of change is a complex and challenging exploration and this one year journey will offer some extraordinary tools so that by the end of the year you will see yourself in a very different light and fresh possibilities will have been born in you. The course will use psychotherapy, bodywork, deep sharing, ritual and healing.


Skill Set

During the course of the year you will have the opportunity to refine and practise the following:

  • Accessing and exploring honest authentic and heartful communication
  • Practising honourable feedback in a group committed to truth and integrity
  • Managing difficult conversations & honouring your own perspective as well as another’s
  • To be comfortable with our anger, grief, sexuality and fear
  • Liberate our potential to be extraordinary human beings
  • Learn to love ourselves and in the process love others
  • Recognise the power of living our lives in service to the greater whole

Cost & Venue

The Group will take place at the Gestalt Studio, 35a Croftdown Road, London NW5.

The cost of the year is £2150 (payable by instalments) plus the residential fee of £400 for shared room and full board at the “Earth Spirit Centre ” in Glastonbury (single rooms available for a supplement). The number of participants will be strictly limited to 16.

You can secure your place on this group by paying a nonrefundable deposit of £250 in the form of a cheque payable to “Malcolm Stern” and sent to:
86 South Hill Park London NW3 2SN.

For more information on this course please talk to me.